Are You Paying Too Much for Internet?

The internet is one of the most important utilities paid by Americans today. It is used to connect online and to communicate with anyone around the world. It is also needed to finish a specific task, and one could no longer think of a life without it. Internet speed varies per state, along with the price of the service. Most people who are using the services from the major providers in the United States are enjoying internet speeds of up to 18.7 Mbps, for an average cost of about $66 per month. This is a fair amount of deal, considering that the internet speed that the Americans receive is more than twice as fast as the global average. However, when compared to other countries in Asia and Europe, the internet cost in the United States is much higher. South Koreans, for example, are paying $17 per month average to connect to the internet. In Germany, the usual cost for a monthly internet bill would be around $30. People in the United States have been asking the government to lower down the prices of internet services, but they could not do anything as private companies are controlling the internet. However, there are startup internet providers scattered across the country, providing a better internet deal for the Americans.

How Expensive is the Internet

The cost of the internet service varies per state, but on average, Americans pay $66 per month. Telecom companies in the United States usually put up a list of price caps for internet users across the country. On average, users who have an internet speed of around 1 to 50 Mbps are paying $34.95 per month. Those who have internet speeds of up to 100 Mbps are paying $44.95 per month. Those who have internet speeds of up to 250 Mbps are paying $54.95 per month. Internet speeds of up to 1 Gbps are priced at $69.95 per month, and the fastest available in the United States today, up to 10 Gbps, are priced at $298.00 per month. There are also other plans available to the customers, but it depends on their budget and their usage capacity. Another thing that most Americans are taking note of would be the speed of their internet, and it varies per state. According to the latest statistics, the states and territories which have the fastest internet speeds would be Washington D.C., Delaware, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Utah, California, Washington, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Michigan. The average internet speeds in these states fall between 19 Mbps to 28 Mbps. All of the states and territories gaining the top 15 rank have internet speeds that are higher than the national average. On the other hand, states which has the slowest internet speeds would be Ohio, Hawaii, Montana, Colorado, Iowa, Wyoming, Louisiana, Maine, Alaska, West Virginia, Kentucky, Arkansas, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Idaho, gaining the distinction as the state with the slowest internet speed, at 12 Mbps. The average internet speed of these states falls between 12 to 16 Mbps.

How to Save Money on Internet

There are ways on how to save big when trying to connect online. The first thing to consider would be identifying the package that suits you the best. If you rarely download or watch videos online, try to find an internet package with a limited size capacity, as these are the cheapest options. For those who download frequently or using the internet to play games, they should opt for a no-cap internet package. The next thing that has to be addressed would be checking with the internet provider what packages are available in the area. One should also ask for available options if even the target internet package is unavailable. Also, remember buying your router and modem which would reduce monthly rental fees and keep things consistent.

Questions and Answers:

Q: How can I figure out if the internet that I am paying for is higher than the usual?

A: You can check out the official graphics and data which can be found online discussing the supposed rate of internet per service provider. You can also check some of the packages offered online, and compare it with the packages provided by the company you are working with.

Q: How to save a lot of money when connecting to the internet

A: Try checking with the internet provider if they have an active promotion. Some internet providers are giving out promos and discounts depending on the season.