Push Past the Stigma Of Erectile Dysfunction And Get Educated!

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Erectile dysfunction can be a difficult subject for many men. It almost seems as if admitting that it’s an issue feels like a failure on their part. This stigma and feeling of failure is one of the reasons that erectile dysfunction is so able to thrive. Men ignore the signs and causes because they won’t admit that it can happen to them. 

Paying attention and learning more about erectile dysfunction can really help. Speaking with a doctor can pay dividends. Often, an underlying condition is the cause and treatment is very possible. The only step that’s needed is a few words of admission to get the whole thing started. 

Causes and Risk Factors of Erectile Dysfunction

There are a lot of different reasons that someone can suffer from erectile dysfunction. It’s not a failure as a man, but it can be one of these many issues. Causes of erectile dysfunction include: 

  • Diseases/Conditions - There are many different ones which can play a role. People with heart disease and diabetes may find themselves suffering from erectile dysfunction. Elevated levels of cholesterol and blood pressure are also causes. People who have atherosclerosis, metabolic syndrome or Peyronie’s disease can also be shown to have erectile dysfunction. Multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease can act as causes. People who have a variety of sleep disorders or have suffered injuries in their pelvic/spinal area 
  • Lifestyle Conditions - People can help avoid erectile dysfunction by fixing issues with their lifestyle. Obesity is a problem. Reaching a healthy weight can make a big difference. People who quit smoking find that their instances of erectile dysfunction will drop. The same can be said for people who abuse alcohol or other substances. By cutting them out of their life, they can but their risk of erectile dysfunction. 
  • Treatments - There are several treatments of various conditions which can lead to erectile dysfunction. It can be a side effect of many prescription medications that are used for a wide variety of diseases. Treatment for prostate issues like an enlarged prostate or prostate cancer can do that as well. 
  • Psychological Causes - A person’s brain can play a large role in the sexual act. It causes the body to feel excitement. Therefore issues that affect the brain can be a cause of erectile dysfunction. This includes issues like stress, depression, anxiety, or problems within a person’s relationship with their partner. 

Treating Erectile Dysfunction

When it comes to erectile dysfunction, it’s a mix of prevention and treatment. Prevention isn’t too difficult. It’s about trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Reduce negative inputs like drinking and smoking. Exercise and eat a healthy diet. Stress management can be a key as well. From there, if you have any of the health conditions that can cause erectile dysfunction, there needs to be appropriate treatment for the underlying condition.

After treating any health conditions that might be related to erectile dysfunction, the next step may be medication. There are a variety of medications which can be useful. It’s important to speak with a doctor. They vary in strength and in side effects. Without speaking to a doctor, it’s very possible to take one of these medications and end up with dangerous side effects. Many of these medications used to be prescription only, but have now become available without one. They can be had reasonably cheap. Make sure you are taking actual medication and not one of the many fakes and frauds that are available out there. Erectile dysfunction is loaded with false cures and scams that people need to be aware of when they are out there shopping. 

Counseling is another good option for treatment. This is especially important for people who are having psychological causes. Couples counseling can be especially beneficial if erectile dysfunction is causing strain in the relationship.