Your Garden Won't Reach Perfection Without the Right Equipment

banner of Your Garden Won't Reach Perfection Without the Right Equipment

No matter whether a gardener is a fan of flowers or vegetables, the goal is always the same: Creating the perfect garden. The perfect garden is different to everyone. To some, it’s to add some visual appeal to their home. Some people want their garden to be a place they can relax. Others hope their garden can help populate their table with gorgeous vegetables throughout the summer and fall. 

If you want to make a great garden, you need the right tools. In addition to plants or seeds, you want to have the garden tools to get your plants into the ground, then keep them growing from there. As long as you have the right tools, you’ve set your garden on the path to success.

Important Hand Tools

Hand tools are the start of a garden. Hand tools allow a person to get up close and personal with their plants. In addition to that, they allow fine control. Longer tools like spades and shovels aren’t always as precise as hand tools. Make sure you have all of these important tools

  • Gloves - A good set of gloves is crucial to protect your hands. Gardening tools can often cause blisters. Choose gloves with a good fit, but strong protection of thee hands. Having a backup pair helps too. 
  • Hand Trowel - These hand tools are perfect when you are bedding or transplanting smaller plants and herbs. Stainless steel versions are more durable and last longer. 
  • Pruning Shears - These help keep a garden from growing out of control. There are various types including Anvil style and Bypass pruners. 

Long Handled Tools

There are a large variety of other long handled tools which are vital to the construction of a great garden. Each of these should be included in your garden arsenal. These include:

  • Garden Fork - Most people immediately turn to the shovel or spade. The garden fork however is fantastic for breaking up very dense soil. They are also perfect for compost piles like a pitchfork is. 
  • Loppers - The long handled friend to pruning sheers, loppers allow for trimming the tops of large shrubs, or trees. 
  • Spade - The square shape of a spade can make it more useful in a garden than just a shovel. They are great for edging and lifting sod. They can help move dirt as well. 
  • Rake - It may sound obvious, but a rake is important. Leaves and debris will certainly fall from plants and need to be easily collected. 
  • Hoe - If you’re someone who is into vegetable gardens, then you will need a sturdy wide hoe. Ensure that the handle is comfortable and you get excellent reach. 

Plant Growing and Health Tools

Once you have your plants in the ground, you need to make sure they remain healthy. There’s tools that you will want in order to keep your plants healthy and happy. Many of them are focused on making watering easy. Some tools you will need include: 

  • Garden Hose - Don’t skimp on a good hose! You want to get a hose that is the proper length that you’ll need. Too much hose can just be tedious. An adjustable nozzle helps with proper spray radius. 
  • Watering Can - Sometimes you want a gentler watering option than a hose. Large sprinkler cans are good for larger plants outdoors. Smaller cans have long necked versions. 
  • Wheelbarrow - A wheelbarrow is important to help transport compost, and soil wherever it needs to be. Don’t overthink it with a wheelbarrow. If you’re not comfortable with a two handle one wheel version, try the one handle two wheel version. 
  • Watering Wand - If you’re someone who likes to include verticality in your garden, a watering wand is a great option. A watering wand can also go deeper into the garden and help you water plants in the back.