Buying Blinds Online is Quick and Easy

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Buying blinds from local retailers can be a little tricky, depending on their selection of different styles and the availability of what they have on hand or can order. Plus, there are so many different options that are available to choose from, they can't possibly carry everything that's on the market. Shopping online not only offers a wider variety of choices than most retailers can offer, you can do it all from the comfort of your home. And, there are some great deals online for blinds.

The ease of online shopping is attracting the attention of more and more people everyday. Almost anything can be researched, found, and purchased online. And, it's as easy as clicking a few buttons, instead of the time it takes to drive around and search for the perfect item while wasting gas and polluting the air with unnecessary carbon emissions. Here is a little information about the ins-and-outs of buying blinds online.

How Do You Buy Blinds Online?

Buying blinds online couldn't be easier. Measure, find the perfect blind, find the right size, click a few buttons, input some personal information, and submit. The blinds will be delivered within a specified time frame.

  • Measurements will need to be taken of different parts of the windows where the blinds will be hung. The width and the length will need to be precisely measured, with the trim being included in the width if it will be covered as well.
  • Now, the fun begins. It's just a matter of searching online retailers and finding the perfect blind. Comparison shopping couldn't be easier.
  • Once the blind is found, it's simply a matter of a few clicks matching the size, color, etc. Input delivery information, pay the bill, and the blinds are on their way.

Popular Online Blind Retailers

Online blind retailers can easily be found by doing a quick internet search. There are even web pages where different retailers and brands are featured together for easy access. And, most of them will offer some sort of incentive to buy. Here are some popular online blind retailers.

  • is currently offering a buy one, get one half off sale. They offer free shipping, a huge variety of styles and brands, and can even locate local installers to handle the measuring and hanging.
  • is another of the huge blinds companies out there today. This website is easy to navigate and offered a wide variety of colors and shades of blinds. On the downside, some people have questioned their customer service in the event of mistakes.
  • is featuring a buy three, get one free offer. The site is easily navigated, searching by blind type. They also provide free shipping, and will even send a preview blind sample to prospective customers.
  • is another leading online blind retailer. Their products are already slashed to 30% off retail, and they are currently taking 15% off of that. Shipping is free and the site is sorted by type or color. They offer a 3-year limited guarantee on all of their blinds.
  • also offers free shipping, and is advertising up to 40% off everything. They have a "shop by feature" tab, can provide samples, and have several satisfied customer reviews on their site.
  • Major retailers are even getting in on the game. advertises their selection of blinds online.

Types of Blinds and The Rooms They Are Best In

There are a few different types to choose from, and some are a little more conducive to certain areas.

  • Venetian blinds: They are the most common type. Attached at the top of the frame, with narrow horizontal slats, and a drawstring, they are suitable for almost any window.
  • Mini blinds: Designed much like the Venetian blinds, the slats are a little narrower, and they are a little more cost-effective.
  • Micro blinds: An even smaller version of the mini blind, with slats as small as a half-inch, they are ideal for blocking the light in bedrooms.
  • Vertical blinds: Slats hanging vertically from the top of the window frame, these are commonly used for patio doors or larger windows.
  • Panel blinds: Akin to vertical blinds, the slats hang from a track for easy opening and closing. The side-to-side sliding makes them popular for patio doors and large windows as well.
  • Modern blinds: These blinks mimic other styles of blind, but have modern styling cues. These styles often add significant changes.
  • Pleated blinds: Made of a material folded in an accordion-style shape, they are hung from the top with a drawstring for raising and lowering. Their coverage makes them ideal for rooms where the light needs to be controlled.
  • Smart blinds: This is top of the line, for sure. But, they can be controlled with a smartphone, and can be used in any room.