Thinking of Owning a Cat? Consult This Guide

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When it comes to pet ownership, there’s nothing quite like owning a cat. Cats find a way to become a great companion without being quite so needy like a dog. While some people find cats to be standoffish, others realize that they are full of love and just waiting to share it with their owner. Getting a cat isn’t something that should be done spur of the moment however. Like any pet, it’s good to do your research and be sure that you really want to add an animal to your life. Cats have been shown in many studies to reduce stress and help people live longer happier lives. If that’s something that you’re interested in, perhaps it’s time to consider getting yourself a cat! This guide will give you some thoughts on cat ownership and help you make a proper feline decision.

1 - Type of House is Not a Big Issue

There are many things to consider when getting a cat. The good news is that cats are typically adaptable to all kinds of environments. Whether you own a large house or a small apartment, there’s going to be room for a cat. The big environmental issue for cats is giving them a space to keep them amused. Cats need two types of spaces. Their exploration space allows them to jump up to areas or go inside of things. Their safe spaces are places for them to sleep. Cat beds placed within things like boxes or in enclosed areas help the cat to feel safe as they sleep.

2 - Litter Box Placement Matters

No matter how clean you want to keep your cats area, there will always be a distinct odor from a litter box. It’s typically not the smell of waste products when it’s kept clean, but the litter itself does have a different odor. If you have a mud room or a room dedicated to your washer/dryer, that’s usually a good place to put litter boxes. Make an honest choice and if you’re not going to be good at cleaning the box constantly, then pay a little extra and choose self cleaning boxes and clumping litter.

3 - Cat Personalities Vary

When people buy a kitten, they’re often taking a gamble. There are a lot of different cat personalities that may appear later in life and that kitten is far from the finished product. Some people want a friendly cuddly cat. Others want one that will be playful all the time. If personality is important to you, then it’s often better to adopt an adult cat. These cats have developed their personality. Kittens take a long time to become who they are. An outgoing kitten may turn into a skittish cat.

4 - Don’t Declaw

Declawing cats has shown to cause them severe pain and cause problems for them later in life. Many countries have banned the practice and vets consistently recommend avoiding declawing a cat. Without their claws, the cat feels vulnerable and can lose their outgoing personality and become scared quickly. Instead, from a young age, start grooming and clipping the very tips of a cat’s claws. This allows them to still scratch, stretch and feel safe, but will mitigate scratches and damage from clawing. Getting some good scratching posts within the home is important. It will keep your cat’s claws feeling good and it will keep your furniture looking good.

5 - You’ll Want to Set a Routine

People sometimes think that dogs are the only pets who appreciate routine. Cats do as well. Their routines are just different. When it comes to feeding a cat, it’s important to set out times that they receive food. Otherwise, it’s likely the cat will come and meow at you at all times of the day when it is hungry, even if it has food leftover. Set out morning and evening meals so they know when to expect food to come. Also, set up routines for travel. Take them to the vet multiple times in the same way early. This can help them become used to travel.

6 - Bonds Grow Slowly, But Become Incredibly Strong

Sometimes when people get a new cat or kitten, then expect it to immediately love them and want to spend every moment with them. That’s more of a puppy thing. Cat bonds grow more slowly, but become incredibly strong and loyal over time. Cats can live for 20 years, so they are in it for the long haul! If you’re getting a cat, make sure you’re making an effort to spend time with them early on. Even if they seem skittish, just being near them is the right way to start. Be patient and they will come around.