Save On a Great Cruise Vacation

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A cruise can be a wonderful time. Vacationing on luxurious floating hotels as they take you from port to port is certainly a great idea. It’s an opportunity to visit many wonderful places while also getting great amenities. The downside to cruises is they can be expensive. Thankfully, there are ways to lower the cost of the cruise. 

Arguably the best part about cruises is they are so customizable. Many people wouldn’t think that’s the case since it travels a pre-arranged route and stops at specific locations. However, beyond that, you’re free to do as you please! Take in as much or as little of the ports as you want. Enjoy any features on board, or eschew them and lounge by the pool. Beyond that, cruises can take you almost anywhere in the world. So you can see places you truly are excited to visit. 

Saving on Cruises

If you want to save on cruises, there’s two methods. The first method is to try and book your cruise very early. Cruises function like hotels, the last thing they want is to have no one on board. By booking early, you’re ensuring that their cruise will meet minimum thresholds of occupancy. The second option is the complete opposite. You want to book your cruise last minute. This can sometimes require you being able to leave very quickly, and fly to alternative departure destinations. However, the savings can often be well worth it. Oftentimes the more luxurious cabins will be heavily discounted at the last minute. If you’re not too particular about where you are going to go, then this can be a way to bask in luxury on a discount. 

Popular Cruise Destinations

When it comes to cruises, the only real requirement is water! Cruises are very popular in areas with great weather. The Caribbean islands are incredibly popular with many people. Alternatively, the Mediterranean is just as popular and is loaded with historically significant ports full of culture to explore. Alaskan cruises are very popular and offer a very different experience. Cruises can also explore the western United States, areas around the British Isles and Western Europe, Australia and others. Cruises through Asia are becoming more popular and are an incredible alternative for a veteran cruise line enthusiast. Specialist cruises on smaller lines to places like the Galapagos Islands are also available! Essentially, cruises can take you anywhere you want to go! 

Popular Cruise Lines

There are a wide variety of different cruise lines that travel to different parts of the world. Each of these cruise lines have their own style. Some cater to adults, while others are better for families. Still others are great for singles, while seniors enjoy a different cruise line. There are plenty of options available. Some of the most impressive cruise lines are: 

  • Royal Caribbean International - This cruise line is known for their behemoth ships that have more features than you could ever expect. The scope of the ships can be mammoth. Unsurprisingly they specialize in the caribbean, but do cruises to Hawaii and Mexico as well. 
  • Crystal Cruises - Crystal aims at a more luxurious atmosphere with larger cabins than most cruise lines. They also tend to bring along guest celebrities who can give lectures while on ship. Crystal also works the Caribbean, but features Hawaiian and African cruises as well! 
  • Disney Cruise Lines - Yes, Disney has their own cruise line that are themed towards families and have Disney characters onboard to help entertain the kids. Unsurprisingly, being family oriented, Disney cruises are high value for safety and entertainment. Disney cruises run through the Caribbean, Europe and Alaska.
  • Oceania Cruises - Oceania tends to be more popular with adult couples or groups of friends. They have many onboard classes to help people learn to paint or cook. Oceania also has cruises in different areas than some cruise lines. They are prominent around Australia, Canada and the Aegean Sea.