What Are This Year's Must Have Truck Accessories?

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Part of being a proud truckie is the ability to blow people away with innovative products to kit out your favorite truck. Not just any products either. Truck accessories are fun to buy, for yourself, for a loved one or even for an employee. If you purchase one of the best, most exciting accessories listed below, you’ll blow everyone’s mind and possibly receive a very warm hug and a bottle of beer. There are a lot of accessories you can pick up for your truck. If you own a truck, know someone who does or your employee drives a truck, think about pimping them out in style. The accessories are not only attractive, they are innovative and extremely useful as well. So let’s get on with the article and let us show you some incredibly popular choices. Guaranteed for your viewing pleasure.

1 - The Bedrug Full Bed Liner

This superb invention turns a pick-up truck into a completely tidy and clean space that fits snugly into the back area of the truck. Made from a super-durable plastic that is mold-resistant, water-resistant and wear-resistant, it acts as a shield against the weather, the dirt and the remnants of things you are either storing or transporting. Clean up is a breeze whether you use a vacuum, a wet cloth and sponge, or even a hose. Everything can be handled quite nicely. It can also provide a sturdy base for holding tools and for storing big equipment. And of course, it looks great as well. Overall, a great asset that possesses a lot of value for your pocket and for the lifetime of the product.

2 - Dee Zee Tailgate Assist

This is a nifty little gadget that simply amazes us. Such a unique and incredible tool. This Dee Zee Tailgate Assist does what it sounds like it does. It hooks onto the tailgate to help you keep the tailgate open while you place items on board or get items out. How many times has the tailgate on your pickup truck shut on you? How many times have you had just one hand to do everything? Well, do not worry anymore. This gadget is inexpensive and as valuable to a truckie as a carpenter is to a plane. A fantastic and innovative tool.

3 - Husky Liners X-Act Contour Floor Liners

This little techy number is made especially for those “Oh No” moments and when your kids drop their cheeseburger and fries on the floor. These Husky Floor Liners are made with a robust, rigid edged rubber material that fits firmly on the floor of the truck. Designed to catch all the rubbish and the mess that most people’s trucks get, they are easy to pick up, shake off and clean. A fairly important accessory to give your truck the utmost of respectability and designed for convenience.

4 - Truxedo B-Light Battery Powered Truck Bed Light

Fortunately, for those hot balmy sunsets and sunrises on your fishing trips, a blue battery powered bed light is a nice addition to an avid truck owner. It is really simple to install and it only takes a flick on the switch once to turn it on and twice to turn it off. Be prepared for little fingers that might like to use up all the battery. But it sure is fun and sports a beautiful, crystal blue hue. It’s has an easy install and is easy to use.

5 - Bestop Trekstep Tailgate Step

Actually, this highly attractive Bestop Trekstep Tailgate Step is very much in-demand for its useful benefits. There are many people out there who use their truck daily often pulling and pushing heavy items on and off the truck, wearing out their joints and muscles. This incredibly simple but effective step attaches to the base of the tailgate and allows the users to stand and lift out heavier items without injuring or hurting themselves. A highly efficient and relatively inexpensive tool. It’s a “must have” for a tradesman.

6 - Pop and Lock Gate Defender

Unfortunately, the black market for tailgates are lucrative, meaning tailgates are often stolen. As tailgates are expensive and can cost thousands of dollars the first thing every truck owner should do is purchase a tool to stop that from happening. We recommend this fabulous Pop and Lock Gate Defender that will help protect against theft and alleviate some of the worries of leaving your truck unattended. It is well worth the investment. It is easy to install and can be set up in minutes.  

7 - Swing Case Truck Bed Tool Box

This fabulous extension can be attached fairly easily to the bed in the back. It is attached to the side and can swing out so you have access to the storage inside. It is fully lockable and can hold anything from drinks and snacks to smart phones and ipods. It is a great compartment and so very handy. It’s a very nifty gadget that would make a great gift for a truckie and their loved ones.

8 - Du-Ha Under Seat Storage

This under seat storage is so aptly named for its remarkable ability to fit under ANY truck seat, snugly and perfectly. You can store absolutely anything in it and you can divide the storage up neatly for different sized items. It is perfect for a tradesman or someone who has a lot of tools. And it keeps everything clean, tidy and out of the way. It is a great and innovative item and one that works right out of the box.