7 Fun and Inexpensive Date Ideas

Whether you are in a new relationship or you and your partner have been together for the long haul, going out on dates is important. These outings provide you with the time to get to know one another better, explore your interests as a couple, and to enjoy quality moments. Dates can be expensive- but they don’t have to be. You might be trying to save money to purchase a place together, or you may simply not have the funds to continue going to fancy places. In either case, you need not empty out your wallet to have a date night with your partner. Choosing creative and less expensive spin-offs of your favorite dates can help. However, you can also consider these ideas. Integrating at least a few of them into your date-night rotation is sure can help you to save money and still have quality time with the special person in your life.

1. Visit a local amusement park or carnival.

When you think back to your childhood, you may recall many laughs spent on the carousel, roller coaster or water rides. There is no reason why you can't have this level of an entertainment as an adult. While going to one of the big theme parks in the country might set you back a decent amount of money, you can choose a local one instead. Also, when the weather is nice, you should research carnivals in the neighborhood. Local carnivals often don't even have an admission fee, so you can just pay for the games and rides that you want to enjoy.

2. Have a picnic.

Going out to dinner is a common date idea, but the bills can start to add up. Find a park or a beach in the area where you can bring your own food and drinks. Setting up a blanket on the ground or grabbing a comfortable table still allows the two of you to dine together without the huge price tag attached to the experience. Some parks and beaches might also have grills, so you could fire up some hot food and have a miniature barbecue.

3. Try new recipes.

Another way to still enjoy dining together without breaking the bank is to try out some new recipes together. Figuring out what you want to cook can feel overwhelming, so start by considering what types of food the two of you like. In other words, if you're both working to become vegetarians, give a new vegetarian recipe a try. If you love sweets, make a tasty dessert. You might be saying that you aren't that great in the kitchen; however, learning together is a major part of the fun.

4. See a movie in the afternoon.

The two of you might love to go to the movies but have been feeling more and more disheartened by the rising ticket prices. When you next both have a weekday off from work or when you both can use up a personal day, take the time to go see a movie in the afternoon. The ticket prices are almost certain to be lower for a matinee. In fact, your local theater might have tickets at an even more reduced price on certain days of the week.

5. Get your nails done.

Sometimes, you might like to race from place to place and try out a slew of new activities on your dates. However, you also might just like to relax. Chances are that there's a clean and reputable nail salon in your community that doesn't charge aextraordinary price for a manicure and pedicure. Some nail salons will even allow you to bring your own champagne in, so you could have a glass of bubbly while you're relaxing and getting pampered. Getting pampered together can help you to unwind and forget your daily stressors. You'll feel as though you're at the spa without the high bill.

6. Sample wine or beer.

You might not think of a day at the wineries or breweries as an inexpensive outing, but when you go for the samples only, it certainly can be. Many wineries and breweries have a nominal fee attached to a sampling. In fact, some of them might offer free samples. Then, you'll have the extra funds to sit down with your partner and enjoy a whole pint together.

7. Decorate the house.

If doing work around the house isn't your idea of fun, this suggestion is not for you. On the other hand, you may love to make style changes to your house. If you shop the sales and look for deals, you can find plenty of decor that doesn't have a hefty price tag attached. Then, the two of you can grab some seasonal food and drinks and spend the day decorating.

The truth is that you don't need to spend tons of money in order to have fun with your partner. Using this list of inexpensive date ideas, you're sure to enjoy each other's company without a large cost.