Do It Yourself Carpet Cleaning Can Save Some Money

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Today, many households enjoy significant savings simply by cleaning their own carpets and flooring. A full-time carpet cleaning service typically charges between $150 and $500 to perform this essential task. Over time, this cost may result in a hefty annual cleaning bill (especially in premises with multiple rooms offering wall-to-wall carpeting).

Most experts recommend completely washing the carpet at least once a year. Some woven fabrics, particularly nylon-based materials, withstand the passage of time much better with periodic deep cleaning. While arduous, vigorously sanitizing these surfaces helps preserve expensive floor coverings in a more freshly scented, attractive condition.

What You'll Need to Clean Your Carpet

As a preliminary matter, it makes economic sense to check to ensure the premises use a completely washable carpet. Currently, most carpet cleaners recommend hot water or steam cleaning extraction methods. (Since cleaning with water damages some non-colorfast fabrics, always check the manufacturer instructions before undertaking this washing method.)

The basic tools required for complete carpet cleaning include a carpet spray (for spot cleaning) and a carpet cleaning machine with a rotating brush. However, assembling a complete carpet cleaning tool set usually proves helpful in case a cleaner encounters resistant stains:

  • A freshly scented cleaning spray
  • A water extraction carpet cleaning machine with accessories
  • Top quality carpet cleaning soap
  • A source of water for the machine
  • A bucket of warm water
  • A dependable vacuum cleaner

Carpet Cleaning Rental Locations

Savvy DIY carpet cleaners eventually invest in these tools, selecting the best brand for their unique circumstances. However, it may prove necessary initially to rent a water extraction/steam cleaning machine for the carpet. Many companies offer these products on a short-term rental basis. Some of the best places to check for a 24-hour carpet cleaning machine rental include the following outlets:

  • Grocery Stores;
  • Home Improvement Centers;
  • Equipment Rental Companies;
  • Vacuum Cleaner Repair And Sales Centers.

Prices vary from one location to another. Most prospective customers locate a good quality water extraction or steam cleaning carpet cleaning machine for a price ranging from a low of $30 to a high of $150 per day.

The Carpet Cleaning Process Step by Step

The process of cleaning a carpet does not appeal to most people. This task usually requires significant physical effort. Depending upon the condition of the flooring and the number of children and pets in the home, it may become a messy, malodorous project (until the carpeting dries completely).

Some experts recommend DIY cleaners consider focusing most of their attention upon "high traffic" locations in the residence. Frequently, members of a household will walk across the same portions of the carpet multiple times on a daily basis. Due to heavy use, these often-traveled sections of the home tend to accumulate more embedded dust and debris in carpet fibers. However, to obtain completely uniform cleaning, it still usually makes sense to endeavor to wash the entire surface of the carpet.

First, consider removing all furniture from the carpet. Next, vacuum the area to eliminate as much loose surface debris as possible. Then scan the complete location to identify sites where staining has occurred.

Begin carpet washing by applying the carpet spray selectively to any heavily stained section of carpeting. Follow the label directions. Anyone performing DIY cleaning should notice a reduction in visible staining after completing this process. Use the bucket of warm water to completely rinse the site afterwards. Now the carpet will provide a great site for using the carpet cleaning machine!

Individual machines operate at different levels of power. Most infuse water (or steam) into the carpet, scrub, and then extract dirty water. Since different manufacturers furnish variable instructions, DIY cleaners should follow the guidelines supplied with their individual machines. Some companies recommend dampening the entire carpet in a pre-wash procedure, others forego this step. It remains vitally important to follow the cleaning machine manufacturer's recommended protocols in order to achieve the best results.

Most machines utilize carpet cleaning soaps. By purchasing a top quality brand and adding only minimal amounts to the water, DIY cleaners significantly expedite cleaning. The carpet may need only a single rinse (not double rounds of rinsing). Wait for the fabric to dry before replacing the furniture. People will notice a visible improvement. The lovely results delight dedicated DIY cleaners!