Pajamas Can Help You Feel Like You're Sleeping on a Cloud

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There are several different parts to getting a good night’s sleep. You need a good bed that mixes comfort and support. A pillow that cradles your head and supports the neck is important as well. Quality sheets will ensure that you feel relaxed and ready to sleep. Blankets will keep you warm. Your pajamas are the final aspect. As the closest item you wear, they are the first layer to your night time comfort. 

Children have their first pajamas purchased for them by their parents. In so many cases, they stick with that style of pajama of the rest of their life! But what if you are actually missing out? There’s a wide variety of pajama styles that might be more comfortable in the short or long term! Take this opportunity to learn more about pajamas. Learn what you should be looking for, as well as the various styles that are available for purchase. 

What to Look For in Great Pajamas

Buying yourself a nice set of pajamas combines many aspects of buying sheets with aspects of buying clothes. The number one thing that needs to be considered above all others is comfort. If you live somewhere that’s incredibly hot, even at night, then you probably want pajamas to help keep you cool. Physical comfort matters as well. Any pajama you purchase needs to feel soft against the skin. If it’s making you feel itchy or want to scratch, then it’s not good enough.

When considering all of those factors, it’s very possible that you may want to have multiple different pajamas. Some for cold weather, while others designed for warmer weather. You can mix up the styles and fabrics too so that you always have the perfect set ready to go. 

Pajama Styles For Men and Women

There are more than a few different styles of pajamas that can be chosen for men and women. Some of them are the same, while others feature differences to highlight the gender. Some popular pajama styles for men are: 

  • Two Piece Garment - This is the most common form of men’s pajamas. The pants are full size and feature a drawstring or elastic. The shirt is a buttoned up style that often included pockets and a lapel. Buttons on pajamas can sometimes seem an odd combination. 
  • Oneside - These tend to be made of very warm materials like flannel or terry cloth. They can come with feet or not. They can also have a flap that buttons up for the bum to allow for midnight trips to the washroom. 
  • The Night Shirt - This is an old time style that features a single open shirt which goes all the way down past the knees. 
  • Modern Pajamas - These are growing in popularity and have almost caught the two piece garment. These feature some style of underwear that matches with a light t-shirt. This style is 

When it comes to women’s styles, essentially, all of the above styles can also apply. In addition to those listed above, there are also a few others which can be popular choices. Unlike pajamas for men, not all of the styles for women are designed for comfort. Many are designed around appearance. Some of these include: 

  • Nightgown - This is a comfortable loose fitting one piece style of pajama that is very common for women. 
  • Chemise - This is a delicate style which can be loose fitting or not in areas, but tends toward the more provocative in styling. 

Pajama Materials

There are many different fabrics that might be chosen for a pair of pajamas. The most common is certainly cotton. This fabric is breathable and stands in the middle ground of keeping you cool or keeping you warm. 

Another common choice is silk. This feels incredibly soft, but is certainly not for everyone. Silk pajamas can feel “slippery” when moving against sheets. This is especially true if using silk or satin sheets. It can feel great, but some people find the potential to move unexpectedly unsettling. Silk pajamas feel cool to the touch, but don’t breathe like cotton. This means that over the course of the evening, they can actually result in the sleeper feeling hotter and sweating.

Flannel or terry cloth pajamas are also available. These are intended mostly for warmth and are great for cold areas in the winter. These types of pajamas are often the larger styles like a onesie, since those are more appealing in cold weather anyway.