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No matter how you want to promote your business, printed items are not going to go away anytime soon. Printed items help a business get their brand out. Even something as simple as a branded pen can sometimes help land a customer or a sale in the future. Custom printed items are a natural step for a business and show that they have reached a certain level of status. Their influence and visual brand will spread from there.

The most common items for print still tend to occur on paper products. Despite the internet age, most businessmen still carry business cards with them so that they can ensure someone is able to make contact with them in the future. What’s more common now is truly custom made items. Online companies make printing custom items incredibly easy. Whether it’s simply adding your own brand to a premade set of items, or working together to create a whole set of items for your business, custom printed items add to your business.

Most Popular Custom Printed Items

There are a lot of items which may choose to be printed. The most common is still business cards. Business cards continue to be a staple of the printed world. However, gone are the basic white cards with some writing. Colorful designs are filled with information and embossed highlights. Many business cards also use QR codes to help them balance their digital imprint. Other great items that are printed are:

  • Postcards - Custom printing your own postcard can add a personal touch when you send it to someone. Whether you print it before a trip and send it while you’re there, or just send it while at home, a custom postcard shows you cared.
  • Address Labels - This is another type of printed item which can be nicely customized. Return address labels are a nice touch to add to letters or to add to packages.
  • Mugs - Custom printed mugs are very common. Having them made is a great way for an office to show off a clean and consistent look in their break rooms or at their desks.
  • Shirts and Hats - These items are certainly a different kind of printing, but still just as valuable to a company. Employees always appreciate getting some free clothes and bonuses from the company. Shirts can also be distributed elsewhere as well, while hats are great display pieces and mobile advertising.

Popular Online Printing Services

There are a lot of online printing services which can be chosen. They mostly offer similar services, though pricing can often change quite a bit. Different services may offer different items as well. If you want a specific custom item, you may only have a couple of services to choose from. Some of the most popular online printing services are:

  • Vistaprint - Vistaprint is a well known company and gets a lot of customers from the small business community. Their customization options are good. They also offer introductory offers to allow people to see some of their work on a budget.
  • Staples - This big brand and big name continue to offer online printing in numerous ways. Staples is often chosen for big bulk orders with minimal customization.
  • Printful - Printful is one of the biggest printing companies on the internet. In addition to items mentioned, they also offer phone cases, towels, hoodies and wall art to be printed. The items printed are high quality. For people struggling to determine what to print and how to customize it, a large variety of designs can be used from the website itself.