How to Choose the Best Jeans to Flatter Your Figure

There is no other outfit staple that is as classic as a pair of jeans. Wear them with a white tee or class them up with a smart blazer and you can make any outfit with jeans work. Whether they're the distressed kind or the more traditional dark wash bootcut style, the right pair of jeans is out there for everyone.

The problem with jeans, however, is actually finding the perfect pair. Depending on your body type and preference, it is always a challenge to find your new favorite pair of jeans. Thankfully, there are some tried and true methods for picking the best jeans for you. Read on for nine ways to choose your next pair of blue jeans.

The Nine Tips to Buy the Right Pair of Jeans

  1. Choose the Fit Over the Label
  2. Go for a Dark Wash
  3. Don't Shy Away from Distressed Denim
  4. Don't Say No to Mom or Dad Jeans
  5. Find the "Struggle" Jeans
  6. Keep the Waistband Snug
  7. Choose Jeans with a Firm Crotch
  8. Look for Jeans with Good Memory
  9. Choose Jeans that You Like

The Top Nine Explained

Shopping for jeans is a challenge, firstly, because the labels on jeans are notorious for being misleading. Depending on the brand and style of the jeans, you will find that no two pairs of jeans are ever the same. Instead of relying on what the label tells you, you'll want to try on every pair of jeans before you make your purchase.

As you shop, keep in mind what wash of denim you'd like. While you may be a fan of every type of wash for your denim, the darker wash jeans are far more flattering and versatile. Lighter washes work well during the day, but darker jeans look good during the day and the night. In addition to the various washes, you'll notice that a big trend in denim is the distressed look. This style adds texture to your denim and creates depth for your outfits. Make sure you are intentional about the distressed denim you buy, as the distressed areas will draw focus to those parts of your body. For example, if you have distressed spots along your thighs or your hips, people's eyes will immediately go to those areas.

When considering the various styles of denim, don't be afraid to give Mom and Dad jeans a try. There's something classic about the typical mom or dad jeans. These jeans are styled after the popular denim trends from the 80's and 90's. These jeans feature higher waists, lighter washes, and tapered legs. Mom and Dad jeans are a favorite in the denim-loving community as they generally are designed to fit a wide range of body types.

When trying on jeans, most of us avoid any pairs that are difficult to get on. However, these jeans that give you a "struggle" are actually the best pair to purchase. While you may think otherwise, jeans that are a hassle to get on are probably the right size for you. Since jeans always stretch, the pair that is the hardest to squirm into will stretch into the perfect size for you.

Don't forget to keep the waistband snug as you try your jeans on. The waistband should always fit closely against your body. A pair of jeans with a waistband that allows you to fit more than two fingers in the back is too loose. If you can't fit your hand or more than one finger inside your pants, the jeans are too tight. As you feel around your jeans, be sure that the crotch is firm. If there is any loose space around the crotch area, they will soon be baggy. Avoid the look of a loose crotch by choosing jeans that cling tightly to your lower half.

When analyzing a pair of jeans for its fit, you'll want to look at the memory of the fabric itself. The ideal pair of jeans will spring back after being stretched. Keep an eye out for denim with good "memory"--meaning it will return to its original form instead of stretching completely out of shape after a few years.

Lastly, while it may seem like an obvious tip to find a pair of jeans that you like, it is often forgotten. Even if a pair of jeans seems right in every way, if you simply do not like them, you'll probably never find a reason to wear them more than once.

The right jeans flatter your figure, look good with everything, and have a comfortable fit. Use this guide to help you as you hunt for your next favorite pair of jeans. By keeping the fit, the fabric memory, the style, the wash, and the overall look of the jeans in mind, you're guaranteed to find the right pair of jeans for you.