The 'Must Have' Shoes for Any Woman's Closet

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No woman's outfit is complete without the perfect shoes. Just as how no ice cream sundae is complete without that perfect cherry on the top, shoes are the last and most important addition to any pairing of clothes. However, not all shoes are for all wardrobes. It can be difficult to distinguish which types of shoes belong with a certain style versus which ones do not. Above all, every woman should know what kinds of shoes they are capable of comfortably walking in. Nothing ruins a look quicker than poor posture, a funny walk or obvious discomfort, so it's important to realize and accept the types of heels, arches and widths of a shoe fit best. With this said, there are 10 pairs of shoes that every woman must have in her closet. These basics will be more than enough to cover a wide range of outfits and occasions, inevitably making sure that every outfit is perfectly matched and completed. Half the joy in a collection of shoes is shopping for them. So enjoy the hunt for the perfect version of these shoes:

1 -  A Reliable Pair of Flats

Flats are the most basic version of a women's shoe. They're compact, low-maintenance and versatile. Whether thrown on with a pair of old jeans or a cocktail dress, these flat shoes will fit the bill. Most importantly, they're stored very easily in purses! This means that changing into them during a long night out in less comfortable shoes or dressing up from a less formal shoe becomes a seamless task. For a busy woman with multiple appointments and commitments throughout any given day, flats are the best shoes to have on hand.

2 - Casual and Basic White Sneakers

Very rarely will you find women dress to the nines every single day. Everyone needs a day off and a pair of sneakers will be any woman's nonjudgmental best friend on those kinds of days. There is also a common misconception that sneakers can't be fashionable, which couldn't be any more false. A pair of plain, crisp white sneakers will go with literally anything in your wardrobe (aside from black socks). Expect to get a lot of wear from these! If possible, opt for a material that is more durable and can be wiped clean easily.

3 - Simple and Suede Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are one of the rare types of women's shoes that can flawlessly transition between seasons. Whether they're worn with jeans and matched with a scarf in the fall or added as the finishing touch to a summer dress, these ankle boots still serve their purpose. Suede boots in particular add a soft edge to most other textures, giving any outfit a finishing feminine touch. Opt for neutral colors in this material so that the boots can pair with a variety of colors.

4 - A Pair of Summery Wedges

A necessity for the summer days, wedges are playful and flirty in their own right. Compared to their other raised heel counterparts, wedges can be worn comfortably for an impressively long day spent out. The reason behind this is because a wedge heel goes straight across the sole of the shoe, offering supportive balance with every step taken. Best of all, they can be found in a variety of material, prints and finishes to match your personality!

5 - Power Pumps That Mean Business

Nothing completes a power walk more than a confident pair of pumps. Whenever a woman needs that extra boost, whether physically or mentally, this uplifting pair of shoes is a must have. They will be suitable for many crucial situations in life, from interviews to first dates to weddings. However, make sure to find a pair that you feel comfortable in. When it comes to pumps, comfort is synonymous with a lower and thicker heel.

6 - Easy To Throw On Sandals

For those lazy errand days during the warm months, a light pair of sandals is perfect for easy insertion and removal. Moreover, sandals are basically the adult version of flip-flops, elevating this easy footwear to a higher level of sophistication. Sandals are available in a wide variety of materials, colors and with fun embellishments. These are also the perfect choice of shoes to show off that new pedicure!

7 - A Pair of Party Heels That Make a Statement

Although the least practical choice out of the list, sometimes a woman just needs to go all out in life and a pair of crazy heels accomplishes just that. Whether they're worn out to the club, a private party or a night out in the town, these heels can add the perfect finishing touch to any dressy outfit while making any woman feel like a true queen.

8 - Water and Puddle Proof Rain Boots

There are rainy days in everyone's life, so puddles are inevitable. For days like those, a pair of waterproof shoes is a must have. For a mature woman, these boots don't have to resemble those popular duck shoes from adolescence. In fact, there are many plain and fashionable boots on the market that can match any raincoat seamlessly.

9 - A Classy and Chic Pair of Oxfords

There's a popular saying that goes "whatever boys do, girls can do better". A pair of professional oxfords is the epitome of that phrase. Chic, cool and collected, these masculine flats automatically mean business. Best of all, they can be paired with everything from jeans to skirts to dresses! They're also available in many different colors, materials and patterns to suit your style.

10 - A Pair of Warm Riding Boots

For those chilly winter days, a warm pair of boots feels like a much-needed hug for the legs. Riding boots come in a wide variety of silhouettes and heights, from knee to thigh length, to match a variety of shapes and sizes, so finding a flattering pair should be simple. Although flatter heels are more preferable for the hazardous weather conditions of the colder months, heavier heels can be opted for certain occasions.