The Step-by-Step Guide to Tuxedo Rental

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Tuxedo rental doesn't have to be confusing. After all, tuxedos are part of big celebrations and family events. There are so many kinds of tuxedos, and even more events to wear them to. Whatever the celebration, shoppers will want to find the best tuxedo they can on their budget. There are a few things on the checklist as customers shop for a great tuxedo. Among other things, fit is perhaps the most important. So getting measured at the tailor's or a rental suite before shopping is of the utmost importance. Customers should not just measure themselves at home; a fit done by a professional is essential for getting the right tuxedo.

Whatever the big day is, customers will want to look the part. Events range from weddings to business speeches, and they all require a different type of tuxedo. Customers should always know beforehand what type of dress code is required. It's important to show up in the proper tux. No one wants to look like they are dressed for a wedding at a funeral! This guide is a step-by-step instructional on how to get the proper suit that fits. There is one for every budget.

The 10 Steps to Take When Shopping for a Rental Tux

  1. Get Measured
  2. Find Out the Dress Code for the Event
  3. Put Together an Idea of the Desired Style and Look
  4. Decide on a Cut
  5. Decide on a Color
  6. Decide on Fabric
  7. Pick Out Coordinates
  8. Pick Out Shoes
  9. Coordinate Accessories with the Date, if Any
  10. Get Tailored

How To Pick Out a Great Tuxedo

It cannot be overstated how important it is to get professionally measured. There is no way to get the right fit without being measured first, and it's simply not possible to measure yourself correctly. Shoppers should take the job to a professional. A tailor is really the best idea. But, people can also get measured at a high-end store or by the sales help at the rental place.

Next, shoppers should make totally sure that they know the details of the dress code. The best thing to do is to call the event hostess and confirm that everyone has the same idea before a lot of money is spent on a tuxedo.

Somehow, shoppers will need to convey an idea of how they want to look. Try magazines or online photos to start. There are also usually inspirational catalogs at the rental place. Try scanning or saving photos into an email and bringing it to the rental studio. Then, everyone can see what the idea is.

Getting the cut, color, and fabric right is the next step. It is a huge benefit to do them in that order and to pay attention to the subtle details. Not every color and fabric are available in every cut, but that is the most important thing. So, it's important to prioritize accordingly. Shoppers should look at the tuxedo carefully from all angles and run their hands over the fabric to make sure it is the desired quality. They should consider taking pictures of the suits as they shop to see how the weave and color shows up in photographs. They should also look at the suit from far away as well as up close. If possible, they should hold the suit next to dresses and suit types that will be at the event to see how the suit looks in context.

Picking out coordinates like shirts and collars is essential while renting a tux. Since not every shirt looks great with every tux, shoppers should try to bring the shirt that will be worn with the correct cuffs and cuff links. Making sure that collars and tails look good with the cut of the suit is essential. The style should look cohesive.

After that, customers must take care to match shoes to the color and cut of the whole suit (including the shirt). Bringing them to the fitting is the best thing. Renters should try to find a similar dress for the date, if there is one in the shop. They should get help matching the accessories like the handkerchief and the tie to the date's dress. Lastly-don't forget the tailoring. It brings everything together.