A Hawaiian Vacation Can Take You to Paradise

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The word Hawaii means many things to many people. However, to a vacation seeker, it typically means “Paradise”. Hawaiian vacations are some of the most incredible options in the entire world. The allure of the beautiful weather calls to some. The unique and exciting culture calls out to others. 

Vacationing in Hawaii can allow many people to try out some of their dream goals. Hawaii is an incredible spot for surfing and many people can try it out! The beautiful water means that wind surfing and boat sports are right there as well. Hawaiian resorts are often the pinnacle of luxury. High end resort hotels often offer solo bungalows and suites, but really any room will do when you’re looking out at the beautiful ocean vista. 

Features of Hawaii

Hawaii is great for adventurers. People who are willing to explore the water can snorkel and see some of the best coral reefs and tropical fish out there. Lucky snorkelers may also see a sea turtle. Surfers will naturally be drawn to the North Shore of Oahu. This world famous surfing location is filled with beautiful beaches that can wow novice to experts in the field. 

Hawaii is made up of multiple islands and the activities can vary by island. Lanai is one of the smaller islands and features some incredible golf courses. The “Big Island” is still growing. You can see how by going to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. You’re able to actually see laval flow in person! This island is incredible for nature seekers as it features 10 different sub-climate zones. Maui is a wonderful island for couples and romance. It features some of the best resorts in the state and some incredible waterfalls. Kauai gets the most rain, which makes the plant life more vibrant than anywhere else on the islands. Waimea canyon is a must see. Oahu is probably the best known of the islands and has some of everything. Resorts and nature intertwine, along with the largest urban center Honolulu. Molokai has the least amount of resorts and activities, but it has the most traditional culture. If you’re about meeting people and soaking up culture, it’s perfect for you. 

Popular Hawaiian Resorts

Hawaiian resorts offer a natural dichotomy. On one hand are the sort of incredibly modern super resorts that are built and enjoyed around the world. On the other hand is the older Polynesian style resorts which feature specific building materials and styles. Would you rather sip a drink at a 5 star restaurant and bar? Or sip one at a classic seaside shack while Hawaiian music is playing in the background? Regardless of your preferences, there are resorts available for you. Some of the most popular and exciting include: 

  • Fairmont Orchid, Hawaii (Big Island)
  • Wailea Beach Resort (Maui)
  • Travaasa Hana (Maui)
  • Ko’a Kea Hotel & Resort (Kauai) 
  • Montage Kapalua Bay (Maui)

Benefits of a Hawaiian Vacation

There’s quite a few benefits to taking a vacation in Hawaii. One of the most under-rated benefits is that it’s a state instead of its own country. This means that many of the benefits of the United States are there. There’s no worries about potential language barriers. There’s no need for a passport to travel there. There’s no potential conflicts with differing laws from another country. It’s simply a chance to escape to a wonderful tropical dreamland, while still feeling the comfort of the United States. 

While Hawaii technically has a “rainy season” like many tropical destinations, it’s common for that rainy season to not be particularly a factor. Rainfall levels rise, but not too dramatically. This means that Hawaii is an ideal vacation spot year round, rather than simply during a few months of the year.