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When it comes to planning major events, like weddings or reunions, most people do not know of event planning software. They plan to use a single spreadsheet or word processor to list all of their guests, caterers and expenses. These everyday tools are only useful at planning small projects, not large events that host different activities and more than a handful of guests. It usually takes weeks or months to plan a large, memorable event that has music, food, entertainment and more. It takes software with multiple features, such as budgeting, billing and registration, to complete this task efficiently and on time. It may seem like a chore to research and choose the right event planning software, but it's easier and more affordable this way than to hire a professional. There are different benefits that come with using a software program.

What is Event Planning Software?

Event planning software are collections of computer programs that allow people to plan all types of events that include:

  • Weddings
  • Religious ceremonies
  • Birthdays / debutante parties
  • Dances
  • Fundraisers

Different software programs have different features that allow users to perform a limited or wide range of tasks. Many programs allow users to select venues, set budgets, track expenses, etc. With customizable programs, they pick and choose the features that they want to work on. The most advanced software allows users to build websites, host a registrar that contains thousands of names and network with other event planners. The types of software that users choose will depend on their planning needs. Many programs are all-in-one tools that allow people to do every task that's necessary to plan an event of any size and magnitude.

Using Professional Event Planners

Hiring a professional is one solution to planning an event; however, it's not always the best one. Professional event planners have busy schedules just like doctors and lawyers. They cannot guaranteed that they will set aside a specific date and time for each client. On some days, they cannot see any clients at all. Using a professional is usually more expensive and inconvenient than using software. However, it's recommended for people who are working with fixed deadlines.

In many cases, it's faster, easier and more affordable to use event planning software. Over the computer, users have more control than if they asked questions to a professional. They can create and manage all of the tasks, such as setting budgets, scheduling activities and hiring entertainment.

Self Event Planning Apps

Apps are more convenient forms of software. Nowadays, thousands of software programs include mobile and Web apps. Mobile apps allow people to access software on their smartphones. Some software can only be accessed on a single computer, but Web apps allow people to use software that is available online and on any computer. When most people refer to "apps," they refer to programs that run on smartphones and tablets; however, the term applies to application software that run on desktops, as well.

Regardless of the small size, self event planning apps can be used to plan gatherings that host anywhere from 10 to 100,000 guests. Users can create projects, set milestones and allow access for other people to log into the app and complete tasks.