Saving Money on Your Internet Bill is Possible

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Overall use of online material continues to skyrocket. The amount of bandwidth required for all the streaming and social uses we put internet to is a gold mine for companies that provide internet access. These service providers always seem to be raising their prices as the dependence of the public on their path to the internet increases. It doesn’t seem fair for the prices to keep going up for something so many people need! 

The good news is that smart consumers have found ways to save on their internet bill without much damage to the quality of their service. Saving money is often about being willing to put in the effort. Research can provide baselines of good deals. Knowing how to speak with sales or retention staff will ensure that they are willing to give you a solid deal. If you want to save money on your internet, try some of these ideas! 


By now, almost everyone knows at least a little about the concept of bundling. Bundling simply refers to the process of getting more than one service from your internet service provider in exchange for a discount on the overall package. Now in some cases, this may result in you getting expensive cell phone, home phone or cable/satellite tv packages you may not want. 

Bundling needs to be efficient. Consider your other current services. If you’re paying what they will cost in a bundle before discount, then you’d be foolish to not consider it. Many locations really want to provide home phone service and offer it incredibly cheaply! If you’re on one of the top tier internet plans, the discount from a bundle will sometimes be even cheaper than the initial cost of home phone services! 


Internet connectivity (as well as cell phones and cable services) is one of the last negotiable fee structures. Most companies will put out a base. However, sales representatives are often given wiggle room. This means you need to be willing to discuss your needs with them. First, research the potential plans of your intended service provider. Know what each tier brings to the table. Determine whether you’re interested in a set price, or a set plan. Oftentimes you may be offered better plans when you tell them a set price that you simply can’t exceed. 

The next step is to know competitors' plans. If competitors are having a sale with some great plans, then you have leverage. No company wants to see customers leave. It’s much cheaper to keep them around. Request a minimum of your provider matching the deal provided. Oftentimes they will exceed the savings so as to not look bad. 

Finally, if your negotiation isn’t going well with a service rep. End it. Don’t rush. There’s multiple avenues and not everyone knows about every plan. Calling your company is usually a better method than walking into a store. Some people have had great success using online customer service chat. This text based approach may feel like it takes longer, but it lets you be exact. Writing out some common statements and expected responses beforehand can let you spend more time thinking and less time typing. 

Think Outside the Box

Quite simply, home internet isn’t the only way to access data these days. More people are using mobile options. Some people have abandoned traditional access entirely, and use their phone as a router. This is done through “tethering”. Modern cell phones allow other devices access to their signal. Some people have chosen to purchase a cell phone plan with unlimited data, and simply tether!

There’s some downsides to this method. This won’t work well for a smart home as it would constantly be losing connection every time the phone left the home. In addition, the speeds are best categorized as “low end high speed”. It’s fine to stream movies or TV, but not ideal for huge amounts of data, online gaming or multiple HD streams at once. 

This example certainly doesn’t work for everyone, but it should show that there are options for those seeking lower prices. Be creative and do some research. Maybe find a second hand modem to get rid of rental fees! There’s always some method that can help reduce your internet bill if you look hard enough!