These Popular Meal Services Are Changing How People Eat

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Long gone are the days when people could never have time to enjoy making a nice meal. Sure, cooking can sometimes be a laborious task which seems like it takes forever. However, fast and quick meals are easily available to people now. What’s more, instead of mass produced fast food made quickly, people can have fresh ingredients delivered to their door ready to cook.

Meal delivery services and subscription boxes provide almost everything you need to cook. They will arrive with fresh ingredients in the perfect portion sizes. They will give you perfect instructions that are timed out to ensure you never burn or waste your cooking time again! It really is the best of both worlds when it comes to cooking. There are many different meal delivery services that you may choose to partake of. Here are some of the most popular.

1 - Blue Apron

Blue Apron was one of the first meal delivery services and continues to be incredibly popular. Blue Apron set the standard style for meal delivery. You go and use their website. From there you choose which meals you want for the next week. Meals will alternate weekly so you can keep getting different and exciting foods. Most subscriptions are for either two or three meals each week. Vegetarian and healthy options are one of the main benefits of Blue Apron and really, meal services in general.

2 - Martha and Marley Spoon

To many people, Martha Stewart is the epitome of home cooking and design. The fact that she’s part of a meal delivery service is hardly surprising. Each week there are 10 recipes to choose from. Unlike some of the other kits on this list, the cooking process may be a bit more difficult for people. It can have some moderate to advanced level cooking techniques. It’s possible to skip a week or pause a subscription when someone is going to be out of town. Customization is easy straight from the app provided for a smartphone.

3  - AmazonFresh Meal Kits

Amazon is a late joiner to the meal delivery service space, but will likely be a major player very soon. Unlike a lot of the other subscription services, AmazonFresh is incredibly customizable. Meals are available for numbers between 1 and 6, instead of the usual 2 or 4 person meals. In addition, you can also order other things available through amazon at the same time and they can arrive. There are downsides however. To order from AmazonFresh, you need to be an Amazon Prime member. You also need to sign up with the monthly amazon fresh subscription as well. The other downside is still limited distribution areas. However, expect this to expand quickly.

4 - Gobble

Gobble starts at the Blue Apron model. It provides the food and it’s fresh. However, Gobble states that it does the additional prep work that people have to do like chopping or peeling from a normal meal. This means that it’s just the cooking portion and meals can typically be completed in only 15 minutes. Meals offer up low carb and vegetarian meals. There’s also gluten free and dairy free meals for people who are looking to avoid painful stomach issues.

5 - Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot is a meal service that is vegan only. While other plans might offer a vegan meal or two, Purple Carrot specializes in the vegan lifestyle. Like some other meal plans, there’s a diet tie in for purple carrot. The TB12 diet inspired by Tom Brady has meals available through Purple Carrot. The TB12 plan is a little more expensive and runs around $78 per week for 3 meals for 2 people.