Shop for Perfect Patio Furniture to Fit Your Needs and Style

Your backyard patio would not be functional for relaxation and outdoor living without the right outdoor furniture set. When the time comes to update your patio area with new furnishings, you may be inclined to rush out and purchase the first set that appeals to you from an aesthetic standpoint. You understandably want the patio furniture to look gorgeous and to dress up your space, but there are many other factors to take into consideration to ensure that you make a smart buying decision. Each person has unique needs and circumstances to focus on, so there is not a catch-all answer to the question of which patio furnishings to buy. Most people need to work within a set budget. As you prepare to go shopping and as you explore the patio furniture options, focus your attention on these important steps to make a smart choice.

Six Important Steps to Find the Perfect Patio Furniture On a Budget

  1. Measure Your Space
  2. Determine Seating Preferences
  3. Think About the Need for Tables and Accessories
  4. Choose a Color Scheme
  5. Test for Comfort
  6. Focus on Quality

The Six Steps Explained

Finding the perfect patio furniture requires you to focus on several factors, and the first important step requires you to look at your available space. Even a few pieces of patio furniture can take up a considerable amount of space. Before you invest in a large set, spend a few minutes measuring your patio’s dimensions. Consider the need for space to allow for flow of traffic out the back door, to the lawn area and to other areas. When you have too much furniture or when the furniture is too large, movement is hindered, and the space can feel claustrophobic. Before making a purchase, consider sketching out the patio with the dimensions of each furniture piece in a suitable place.

There are numerous types of patio sets to consider. For example, you can purchase a dining table with four chairs, a bistro-style bar set, a living room-style set with a large outdoor sofa and loveseat and more. Focus on how you will primarily use the space to determine the desired type of furniture to purchase. Ensure that everyone who normally spends time on the patio will have a place to sit.

In addition to seating, focus on table space. In many cases, it is beneficial to include at least one small table on your patio. This may be a small table between two chairs that you can place drinks, snacks or even a book on. A sofa set may include a coffee table and an end table. A dining set will understandably include a larger table. Tables are necessary for practicality and functionality. Because they can take up ample space in the same way that chairs and sofas will, you need to include them in your layout plan.

Now that you have spent time thinking through the functional aspects of furniture selection, you can get to the fun aspect of choosing a color scheme. The color scheme generally will feature one color for the furniture and frames as well as one or multiple different colors for the cushions. When selecting a furniture color and style, remember that wood and wicker may require special care annually that other furniture frame materials may not. Unless you plan to replace the cushions seasonally, it makes sense to choose a color scheme that is well-suited for all seasons.

You can purchase furnishings online, but it may be best to purchase patio furniture at a local store. This is furniture that needs to be perfectly comfortable. After all, your primary experience on your patio should be relaxing and enjoyable. The design of the furniture frames as well as the plushness and support of the cushions all play a role in comfort. Some patio furniture stores let you customize your materials, and this can make it easier for you to select the right set to take home. Otherwise, consider purchasing the furniture separately from the cushions for greater flexibility with regards to colors and styles.

You understandably may be focused on finding the right style and size of furniture for your patio, and you also may be concerned about the color and comfort of the pieces that you select. However, do not overlook the importance of quality. Outdoor furnishings may be heavily used and exposed to the elements year-round. It is reasonable to expect to replace the cushions every few years, but you want the frames to last for a longer period of time. Choose a sturdy, durable frame material that is easy to maintain. If possible, search for a product with a reasonable warranty period. Following these steps will get you beautiful patio furniture without breaking the bank.