Don't Waste Money on Subpar Workout Apparel

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There’s a huge industry in exercise apparel. With more people choosing to take care of their own health, industries have sprung up in an effort to match the needs of the legion of exercise bound folks. Workout apparel is actually quite important. Going through a workout presents a specific type of challenge for the body. Bodies in motion produce large amounts of sweat and can be pushing their muscles to the limit. Apparel that doesn’t meet the needs of this kind of situation are no good for the body! Both men and women workout. Most of their needs are very similar, though there are some slight differences in body. Since so many companies have responded to the need for workout apparel, there’s a lot of choice. Unfortunately that means there’s also quite a few poor choices as well. Substandard apparel may not do the job it’s tasked with or be made of poor quality. If you’re going to invest in workout apparel, make sure that it’s a good investment! Follow the tips below and you’ll be excited for that next trip to the gym. 

The Right Materials

The first consideration for workout apparel has to be what fabric is being used. Workouts can have different requirements. Runners may face many types of weather. No one wants to feel drenched in sweat, so the ability to stay cool and remove sweat is foremost in thoughts. Some common workout apparel materials include: 

  • Cotton - Cotton is one of the all time best materials. It’s soft and it lets skin breathe. But it absorbs moisture and just keeps in there. Cotton gets heavy and takes a long time to dry. These are not ideal for workouts. 
  • Spandex - Spandex has been used in workout apparel for a long time. It fits tight, but flexes right there with you. Spandex is often mixed with other fabrics. This is to reduce the damage caused when it’s dried mechanically or ironed. 
  • Polyester - There are a wide number of polyester fabrics available. They are one of the best to have moisture wicking capabilities added to. It doesn’t shrink and is incredibly durable. Polyester is often mixed with spandex for some extra movement. 
  • Nylon - Nylon is one of the easiest materials to apply moisture wicking to. It dries quickly and is very durable.
  • Wool - Wool is an option for outdoor workouts in the winter. It’s durable, and allows the skin to breathe. On the downside, it’s incredibly hot and can also be fairly expensive. 

The Necessary Apparel for Men and Women

There are several different pieces of workout apparel that are must have items. These make up the base of your workout set. Some of the most important items required include: 

  • Wicking Shirts - T-Shirts and tank tops are among the most common workout apparel. They need to be incredibly light and keep that moisture away from the skin. Long sleeves can be an option as well. 
  • Sports Bras - Finding the perfect sports bra is a godsend for any woman interested in working out. There should be additional ventilation, structural support and comfort in the straps. 
  • Shoes and Socks - The right pair of athletic shoes are crucial, but don’t overlook socks. Both should allow for air to flow easily and avoid excess moisture trapped in the toe area. Shoes need to provide support to the ankles to avoid potential sprains or twists. 
  • Shorts or Leggings - Moisture wicking and airflow come to the fore once again. Coverings for the lower legs need to be especially flexible as the legs can often face the most movement during a workout.