Tips for Getting Great Deals on New Tires

Tires are one of the most important safety features on a car. Having bad tires on a car can endanger the lives of the driver and passengers, as well as people in other vehicles. It can also affect fuel mileage, handling, stopping distance, and traction. Even though tires are rated to last several thousand miles more than they were in the past, unless they are well maintained, they will wear out much faster than advertised. Buying tires online can be convenient and amount to savings of several hundred dollars. As with any online purchase, stay with known and reputable companies that have been well researched and have a good reputation. Online buying can be safe, reliable, and easy. Prices that seem too low compared to the competition should be avoided as it could be a scam. Only give banking or credit card information to trustworthy sites.

Signs Tires Need to be Replaced

There are many factors to consider when checking for bad tires. The most important is tread life. Using a depth gauge, insert in the tread of the tire. If less than an eighth of an inch, consider getting new tires soon. Tires should be inspected for foreign objects such as nails, glass, or other things embedded in the tires that shouldn't be there. There should be no cords showing or chunks of tread coming lose. The tread should show even wear across it. Abnormal wear can be caused by too much or little air pressure, alignment problems, as well as the way the car is driven. Spinning tires, high-speed cornering, as well as excessive speed can cause tires to fail prematurely. Even tires that look good and have low miles might still need replacing. If the tires are several years old and have been exposed to the weather, they could need replacing. Have these tires checked by a qualified tire specialist. If there is any doubt, replace the tires. Only buy tires that are recommended for the vehicle.

Tips for Finding the Best Prices

Finding a good price on tires requires a little patience. Check prices from many different retailers, including online. Prices can vary between places for the same type of tire. Never buy tires that are not right for the vehicle. This can affect the handling and performance. The conditions the vehicle is driven in should help influence the type of tires to purchase. High-speed driving, snow, rain, or desert driving all require different types of tires. Do not pay for high-speed tires if most driving is done in town. Shopping online can amount to considerable savings over buying from a local dealer. Usually April and October are the best times to purchase tires, however there can be sales any time of the year. The most important tip is to shop around.

Best Places to Shop Online for Tires

Some of the best places to buy tires are online. As always when purchasing online, only buy from trusted sites. Wholesale sites such as Tire Wholesale or World Tire Wholesale can be good places to look online for tires. They offer many different brands that cannot be found locally. This can save driving to another city to find the brand you want. Giant online stores such as Amazon and Walmart offer good savings on tires. The selection is not as good as they do not carry as many brands as wholesale sites. A big advantage is that returns are easy with these places. Finally, tire dealers such as Goodyear, Firestone, and Michelin Tires have online stores. Dealing with the dealer direct can amount to the best savings and the dealerships are well trained to sell tires that are right for the vehicle and driving conditions. Always have the wheels balanced and aligned on a vehicle before driving on new tires to increase their life.