Get the Best Deals While Outlet Shopping

Outlet malls have long been a part of the American lore. Going to an outlet and finding incomprehensible deals has been considered to be an ideal way to spend a day. The shopping has changed since those early outlet days as outlet malls now proliferate. All outlets are not created equal. Further, not all deals that you find in an outlet are as good as they seem. Still, it is possible to end up with bags full of clothing and other assorted bargains from outlets. The key to getting the best deals is information. Shoppers should do their homework ahead of time, both with regard to choosing the right outlet and knowing where to go and what to buy. If shoppers plan ahead and arms themselves with knowledge, they will come home with bags of merchandise without breaking the bank.

Tips for Choosing the Right Stores

This is where doing research ahead of time will really help shoppers find the right store. First, stores may provide shoppers with discounts either through the mail or an email that will help shoppers save the maximum amount of money possible. Second, it is essential to be familiar with whether the outlet is truly an outlet or whether it is simply another means for the store to sell its product. The quintessential outlet bargain is purchasing last season's items for less than half the price of what they once cost. However, some stores sell items that are manufactured specifically for them, albeit at a lower quality. This does not equate to a good deal. The key is to know which stores offer their regular goods for sale at their outlets.

Another tip for finding the right outlet is to know the store's seasonal sales patterns. Shoppers will want to hit an outlet right after the point where the store's sales season is ending. This will mean that the unsold items from the previous season are shipped off to the outlet for sale. The key to getting the best deal is finding these items right after they are sent to the outlet before other shoppers find them.

How to Find the Best Deals

The best way to find the most compelling deals is to come prepared and having done all necessary homework. An outlet can tell you that something is a good deal, but one would simply be taking their word for it. They use the tried-and-true trick of picking any price and telling consumers that it is the regular price. Then they claim that consumers are saving 65 percent off the retail price. By knowing the prices of the goods being purchased, shoppers know if they truly have gotten a deal.

Timing is also important in receiving the best outlet deals. Some days are better than others to do outlet shopping. While most people shop on the weekends, these are not necessarily the most advantageous times for the best deals. Stores may receive shipments on weekdays and, by the time the weekend comes, these new shipments are picked through and off the shelves. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best outlet shopping days because of this. The stores have received new shipments and the masses have not yet picked them clean.

Most Popular Outlets

Clothing outlets usually predominate in everyone's list of their favorite outlets. Saks Off Fifth is always one of the more popular outlets. Although some of their product is manufactured specifically for the outlet, this store gives shoppers the opportunity to afford a premium brand for a reasonable price regardless of the origination of the merchandise

Similarly, Last Call by Neiman Marcus also tops sales figures for outlets. The store offers deep discounts on its high-quality brand and always has a large selection of affordable merchandise. This includes both specially manufactured products as well as clearance from the flagship stores.

Nike outlets are also high on the popularity list. It seems as if every outlet shopping center these days features a Nike outlet. The selection that is available at Nike outlets is staggering. The outlets offer large discounts on retail prices for both shoes and apparel.

Finally, Tommy Hilfiger also offers its merchandise at outlets, and the brand is growing in popularity. The store's diverse and ever-present fashion lines can be found at its 176 outlet locations across the country. The brand's enduring popularity mean that its outlets will always be crowded. The ability to purchase Tommy Hilfiger products at outlet prices brings a quality brand to the masses.