These Adventure Vacations Give You Great Access to Nature

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Getting outside to nature is the dream vacation of many sportsmen and sportswomen. There’s a wide variety of different vacations to different locations that can appeal to all sorts. This kind of adventure vacation is certainly a more exciting and interesting option than taking a vacation to relax on a beach. 

No matter your outdoor interests, there’s certainly some kind of adventure vacation that can fit your hopes and needs. Keep in mind that adventure vacations are focused around one activity, but aren’t only limited to that activity! You can go on your adventure vacation and still spend some time doing other things. What follows are some of the most popular and exciting types of adventure vacations you can experience. 

1 - Elk Hunting Vacations

If you’re interested in hunting elk, then you’re in luck. Elk hunting is available in a wide swath of the United States and up into Canada. Typically, elk hunting is down in areas reasonably close to the rocky mountains. Elk hunting trips are common in Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Washington. They are also popular in Alberta and British Columbia in Canada. Elk hunting seasons can vary. There can also be limits on which elk are eligible. These vary state to state. Elk hunting season is typically somewhere between September and the end of November. 

2 - Fly Fishing Vacations

If you’re into fly fishing, there are plenty of vacations that can take advantage of that love. People who want to head to Colorado or Montana can take advantage of some of the very best fly fishing in the entire world. A fly fishing trip isn’t complete without a great lodge. It should provide most of the tools and accessories you need to fish so you don’t have to travel with too much equipment. Some of the best fly fishing features “fly-in” lodges where there’s no way to travel there without taking a small plane. These represent the great outdoors better than anywhere you can drive to. 

3 - Bow Hunting Vacations

Bow hunting is a difficult skill to master. It takes the skill required for hunting and amps it up heavily. Learning to bow hunt on your own can be difficult. There are two kinds of bow hunting vacations. The first is limited to bows specifically. In these cases you may go on your own, or book a bow hunting guide to help teach and improve techniques with bow hunting. The second type of bow hunting vacation is a regular hunting vacation you just choose to turn into a bow hunting vacation. Since bow hunting seasons are often extended outside of standard hunting seasons, these can be more conveniently booked. 

4 - Deer Hunting Vacations

Deer hunting vacations can be a great option as they are located in a much greater range than many other types of hunting. Deer are seemingly everywhere. There’s great hunting vacations to be had throughout the United States including Kentucky, Texas, Kansas, Mississippi and others! Deer hunting options are also available when you are heading north up to Canada as well and in many other states. As with many other hunting seasons, Deer hunting season will typically start around September and run through November and potentially into some of December. 

5 - Deep Sea Fishing Vacations

So far all of the adventure vacations listed have been inland. Deep sea fishing trips offer something quite different. Your vacation will be targeted at the coast. This means that almost any coastal destination can work. Typically, warmer locations are more common, as people can enjoy the nice weather while out on the water. Florida, Hawaii and California can offer quality deep sea fishing vacations. International options exist throughout the Caribbean and Central America. To classify as deep sea fishing, the water needs to be 30 meters. Make sure that you talk with the vacation company to ensure that your excursion has all proper licenses and equipment. Many will require extra money to pay for fish cleaning and other items on the boats. In other cases, it can be all inclusive.